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Activity Selection

Activity Selection for students and parents

Showcase your activities with beautiful school-branded design, process payments, and streamline administration for staff.

User-friendly, school-branded design

With eye-catching images for each activity, custom school branding, and detailed activity descriptions, Clipboard Activity Selection brings your school’s activity offerings to life. Activities are a crucial part of your school’s differentiation, and Clipboard helps you effectively advertise these great opportunities.

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Process payments

Increase revenue by charging for activities within Clipboard, with support for all credit and debit cards. Transactions are securely processed using Stripe. Clipboard provides refunding capabilities (with the option to refund back to a credit balance or their card) and detailed financial reporting, ensuring seamless integration with financial systems.

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Streamlined administration

Set up activity limits, eligibility criteria, custom questions, automatic waitlists and much more. Plus, all selections flow through to Clipboard for staff to quickly drag and drop students into their Teams & Groups.

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The Activity Selection module allows us to have up-to-date 'Expressions of interest' for each activity, which saves us time from using generic EOI forms before the signup process even commences. The Activity Selection page also provides communication to parents as we include training, competition, staffing and expectations for the students. Information is available to the parents prior to signing on so they are aware of the expectations of the season.

Charlie Cox

Sports Administration

Somerville House

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Activity selection and the process of getting kids signed onto our activities has been really beneficial for us, our parents and the program.

Dion King

Acting Director of Sport

Stuartholme School

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The Activity Selection module has saved us around three full days of admin work. The setup was easy to navigate, and the help videos were great. Parents love the ease of the new sign-up method; the user experience is excellent.

Joel Copeland

Director of Co-Curricular

Canberra Girls Grammar School

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