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Award-compliant casual staff timesheets made easy

Save days of admin each pay cycle and by paying your coaches, tutors and casuals through Clipboard Timesheets.

Save time, and headaches

Clipboard Timesheets can be created, submitted, reviewed and approved from any device, anywhere, at any time. Because Clipboard Timesheets are linked to the Clipboard Schedule, hours logged outside a scheduled session time are automatically flagged, so you can have confidence that timesheets are always accurate. This flagging has saved schools up to $100k p.a. on staff overstating their hours on their timesheets. With our simple approval flow, managers can review and sign off on Timesheets with confidence and ease.

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Award compliant

Clipboard can automatically calculate pay rates, overtime, allowances, penalty rates, classifications and cost codes in line with the Educational Services (Schools) General Staff Award (ESSGSA) and multi-enterprise agreements.

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Payroll import

Once Timesheets have been approved, they are sent to finance staff who can import them directly into your existing payroll system in seconds. This process saves many hours of double-handling and minimises the risk of human error.

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The amount of time that will be saved with the Timesheets Module will be fantastic. At least a day’s work for payroll plus a good couple of hours from the sports side. There are currently lots of back and forth, and so often there are mistakes.

Rob Cooper

Director of Sport

Lauriston Girls' School

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Clipboard's digital timesheets saves us north of $50,000 a year!

Cameron Anderson

Head of Sport

Barker College

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Prior to Clipboard, I personally had to work through paper timesheets and review them all which would take me about 6 hours per pay cycle, but now they all appear in Clipboard where I can review and sign off timesheets at the click of a button!

Martin Haywood

Head of Sport

Knox Grammar School

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