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Easily create and manage all schedules in one place

See schedules across every activity and easily manage different types of sessions such as sports trainings and fixtures, rehearsals and music lessons.

Complete visibility across all activities

From Basketball to Debating, your entire extracurricular schedule lives in Clipboard, giving you complete visibility across all programs at your school. Plus, you can easily filter by specific activities or departments (e.g. Sport or Music).

complete visibility

Fast and powerful scheduling

Quickly create one-off or repeating sessions (perfect for a training session or a rehearsal), bulk import hundreds of sessions in one go (ideal for music tuition) and paste in your sports fixtures.

Add additional information such as transportation details, Google Map location, staff notes and additional notes for students and parents.

Make changes to individual Sessions or in bulk, all with mobile support so you can communicate updates on-the-go.

fast and powerful scheduling

Upload Fixtures in seconds

Easily paste your fixtures across all activities into Clipboard’s built-in spreadsheet. Clipboard will automatically match up your spreadsheet data with Teams & Groups, Locations, Opponents and Staff.

upload fixtures in seconds

Avoid session clashes

Clipboard can detect clashes with sessions, students, teams, groups, locations and even public holidays now built into the schedule. This ensures that you are able to avoid scheduling people at clashing times and locations.

Schedule sessions in a rotating manner

This feature automatically generates rotating schedules for students to avoid scheduling them at the same time each week or fortnight. It allows for assigning or automatically scheduling sessions based on weekly or fortnightly intervals, with options to specify session requirements, create sessions for individuals or groups, and set staff hours for the week.

schedule sessions in a rotating manner
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Now, if fixtures change, I can simply update the schedule and notify coaches very easily. I can also create a fixture in the draft format while I wait for it to be confirmed, and then with a click of a button, it can go live. It gives us so much flexibility to be able to do that, which saves hours.

Rob Cooper

Director of Sport

Lauriston Girls' School

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We can now set out our whole year program so that parents can have more visibility of what’s coming. We have had multiple families sign on for their kids for the whole year, in one go.

Dion King

Acting Director of Sport

Stuartholme School

Make scheduling a breeze

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