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One platform for schools to manage all extracurricular programs, improving the experience for students, parents and staff.

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Increase child safety

Mark or report attendance and participation on any device no matter where you are, across all activities, ensuring duty of care standards are exceeded.

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Save time

Our user friendly app provides schools with instant access to reporting and streamlines time-consuming admin tasks such as team management, timesheets and activity registration.

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Improve communication

Clipboard integrates with existing school apps, allowing students, parents and staff to get notified and/or view information about all extracurricular activities without any confusion.

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User-friendly, mobile-first design

Give coaches, tutors & staff access to Clipboard via their own devices so they can easily update information wherever they are.

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Every School Needs an EMS

Clipboard is an Extracurricular Management System (EMS) which is one of the three key management systems that schools need alongside the Student Information System and the Learning Management System.

Extracurricular participation is vital to a well-rounded education and the EMS provides the tools to effectively manage these complex programs.

Key Features

Communication with your community

Staff, parents & students use Clipboard or one of our partner integrations to view events such as sports fixtures, rehearsals and music lessons and receive a push-notification as soon as anything changes. Busy parents can also sync their children’s extracurricular schedule to their personal calendar app.

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Attendance tracking and reporting

Staff can easily mark attendance where ever they are and on any device and are sent alerts to mark the roll so you can be confident that students are accounted for at all times. If a student is marked absent, parents can be automatically emailed to alert them to their child missing a session. Clipboard's Attendance page helps to uphold high duty of care standards by providing reporting on attendance and participation across all activities.

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Activity selection & payments

Showcase all of your school’s activities, streamline registration and then quickly add students into Groups.

With payment processing, waitlists, eligibility calculation and more, Clipboard Activity Selection saves days of staff administrative time each term and improves the parent experience.

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Team & Group Management

Manage all your teams and groups in one easy-to-use location, and quickly make changes by dragging and dropping students. You can also add student positions (e.g. 'Flute' or 'Left Back') and track jersey numbers or captains.

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Incident reporting

Staff can quickly record incidents directly from their mobile phones, increasing the accuracy of the reporting and instantly notifying the relevant people.

All incidents are available in Clipboard with a trail of follow-up notes and the ability to set a 'Return to Play' date to ensure that injured students don't participate in activities.

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Staff timesheets

Schools save up to $100K each year and multiple days of staff time each pay run using Clipboard Timesheets.

Clipboard flags hours entries that don’t match up with the schedule, giving you confidence that timesheets are always accurate. Plus, the system automatically calculates pay rates, overtime, allowances, penalty rates, classifications and cost codes in line with relevant awards.

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Integrate Clipboard with your existing systems

Easy integration with all major Student Information Systems, removing duplication and double handling. Clipboard also integrates with a growing list of EdTech apps and has an Open API which means you can build custom integrations.

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Clipboard made a huge difference not only from a technology services perspective but from the sports, music and extracurricular activities that we run. Particularly around the requirements for much more information about where the students are at any point in time in a school, which is legislatively more and more important.

Peter Yeates

Director of Technology Services

Somerville House

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Clipboard allows us to be streamlined across all users. Even the experience for the parents who don't see the back end, find it simple to navigate, and that's been a real advantage.

Jonathan Harvey

Assistant Principal of Sport and Co-Curricular

St Augustine's College

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Clipboard has transformed the operations of our music department, saving at least 50 hours of work each week and increasing the safety of students. With Clipboard, we can easily schedule lessons and rehearsals, stay on top of attendance, communicate with our staff and students, manage activity sign-ups and payments, process timesheets for our tutors, manage our instruments and assets, and much more.

Ari Farrar

Head of Music

Geelong Grammar School

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The thing we love about Clipboard for running all our co-curricular programs is it's an end-to-end solution for us. It starts with the input of student information and we can do rolls, activity selections, scheduling, and timesheets right down to incident reporting.

Greg Meagher

Executive Director of Co-Curricular

Pymble Ladies' College

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Clipboard can save up to 140 hours a week between all the different sports. Which is obviously a huge number and a huge amount of admin, and it’s theoretically a few people working full time just on role marking and team selection.

Cameron Hart

Head of Sport

St Joseph's College Hunters Hill

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Clipboard solved all three of the major issues I was facing at Pymble and again at Barker. It's a very simple system to use and covers our duty of care issues that we did have really well.

Cameron Anderson

Head of Sport

Barker College

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We've got a better sporting program and better results because of Clipboard. It saves us time, and gives our coaches and staff more time to work with students and develop their knowledge and skills because they're not wasting time on admin.

Michael Blake


St Joseph's College Hunters Hill

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Implementing Clipboard has been a tremendous asset. This technology has ensured effective communication and less time on mundane administrative tasks.

Stephen O’Donnell

Director of Co-Curricular

Waverley College

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Our parents can see their sons' personalised schedule and get instantly notified when anything changes last minute. Clipboard also integrates seamlessly alongside our other core systems at the school.

Paul Lister

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

The Scots College Sydney

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In terms of student wellbeing, we know how important risk management is, and that's where Clipboard really helps us as a school, helps the staff, and ultimately helps the students to be safer in being involved in sport.

Nick Racina

Head of Sport

St Catherine’s School

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