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Enrich Ideagen CompliSpace with extracurricular incident data through our industry-leading integration.

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How to sync your information from

Ideagen CompliSpace

Key Benefits


Instantly push incidents to Ideagen CompliSpace

As soon as an incident is recorded in Clipboard, it is immediately synced to Ideagen CompliSpace. This means that your sports coaches and other extracurricular staff never need to leave Clipboard and can record all incidents in one easy and mobile-friendly location.

View and manage all Clipboard Incidents in Ideagen CompliSpace

View all of your incidents from Clipboard in Ideagen CompliSpace, including their details such as the student’s name and the description, and take action such as adding follow-up notes or additional information.

With all of the incidents across the school now stored in Ideagen CompliSpace, this integration reduces organisational risk and provides you with more powerful reporting capabilities.

Have confidence that an incident synced successfully

Clipboard’s Incidents page shows the sync status of each incident at a glance, allowing you to quickly gain confidence that incidents are logged in Ideagen CompliSpace.

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