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Resource Management

Manage your schools resources with ease

Centralise resource management with Clipboard, enabling seamless tracking, renting, and maintenance of physical and digital assets. Streamline processes, including barcode scanning and invoice generation, all from a mobile-friendly platform.

Inventory Management

Store, manage and track the movement of all physical and digital assets and resources in a single, user-friendly location.

For example, check the status of instruments, music books and AV equipment to see whether they are available or currently on loan.

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Rental Tracking

Rent out individual resources to Students or Staff, and easily process returns. Track who has a resource at any given time as well as the issue date, status, and rental cost. Speed up your processes with mobile barcode scanning, to manage resources on the go.

Check and generate the rental invoice, which can be sent directly to parents and guardians in the Clipboard Portal.

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Maintenance Tracking

Effortlessly create and monitor maintenance tasks for resources in your inventory. As Clipboard is designed for people on the go, you can create an inventory maintenance log from your mobile, on your way to your next music lesson.

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Staff can see their schedule through Clipboard on any device and access details such as the training or lesson plan. They can also sync their schedule to their calendar app such as Google, Apple or Outlook so they never forget when they’re working.

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Clipboard sends automatic SMS and/or email notifications to staff as soon as their schedule changes or to remind them to perform key tasks like marking attendance or completing their timesheet.

Communication staff notifications in Clipboard

Sync to your personal calendar

Staff always know when they’re working with the ability to sync their Clipboard schedule in their personal calendar app such as Google, Apple or Outlook.

Communication sync calendar in Clipboard

Bulk Email

Easily bulk email specific Groups or entire programs. Send from within Clipboard or copy-paste into your email app.

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