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Unlock the harmonious potential of your music department

Clipboard for your school's music management

From individual tuition to orchestras, Clipboard streamlines all of the administration and communication you need to run a great music program at your school. When Louis Armstrong famously said “Music is life itself”, he didn’t include “music administration”. Get back to helping students connect with the beauty of music by allowing Clipboard to handle the heavy lifting.

Features to enhance your music department

Instrument & Sheet Music Management

Seamlessly manage tangible and digital resources, like instruments, sheet music, and AV equipment. Easily track the availability and loan status of Inventory items, and scan an item’s barcode to jump straight to the right page. You can quickly loan items to students or staff - including generating an invoice for them to pay with their credit card - and, if an item comes back damaged, go ahead and click “New Maintenance” to issue an invoice for the repair work.

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Rotating Schedules & Location Management

One of the biggest pains associated with managing music tuition is that students often aren’t allowed to miss the same academic lesson each week. Clipboard solves this by automatically generating “Rolling Schedules”, so that a student’s lesson time is on at a different time each week or fortnight. With built-in clash detection, Clipboard will also detect if a student, location (e.g. Music Room 2), or staff member is unavailable at a particular time. This extends to showing all music events in Clipboard on our Locations view, allowing you to visualise the usage of all of your facilities and click-and-drag events to make changes.

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Attendance Tracking & Reporting

Increase child safety by having an accurate record of where students are at all times when participating in music, with Clipboard’s detailed attendance reporting capabilities. Your tutors and staff can easily mark attendance on their phones - including tracking Attendance Flags like ‘Arrived Late - Still Bill' or 'Absent School Event - Don’t Bill’ - and will even get a notification if they forget to mark the roll. Clipboard can then automatically email students or parents when an unexplained absence occurs to help you increase participation in your activities.

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Activity Selection & Payments

Bring your activities to life with Clipboard Activity Selection, allowing students and parents to browse a beautiful online store full of your custom-branded music activities. Streamline billing processes by allowing parents or students to conveniently pay by credit card for music lessons, rehearsals, and ensembles, with all billing for music tuition efficiently handled.

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Personalised Communication

Staff, parents & students use Clipboard or one of our partner integrations to view a real-time personalised calendar of their rehearsals, music lessons and other extracurricular events. To help keep the community up to date with any changes, Clipboard sends push-notification to the relevant students and parents as soon as anything changes (for example, the Senior Orchestra this evening has been cancelled). Busy parents can also sync their children’s extracurricular schedule to their personal calendar app such as Google Calendar or Outlook.

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Pay Peripatetic Tutors & Casuals with ease

Schools save up to $100K each year and multiple days of staff time each pay run using Clipboard Timesheets. Clipboard’s roster is automatically linked to Timesheets, allowing tutors and other music casuals to select the Sessions they’ve worked from a dropdown. Clipboard handles all pay calculation in accordance with relevant awards and allows staff to be paid on an hourly basis or - using our Pay Allowances feature - for tutors to be paid a lump sum per lesson.

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Is Clipboard a music management system?
Is Clipboard compatible with existing school infrastructure, such as learning management systems or student information systems?
How is Clipboard different from an LMS and SIS?
What kind of training is required for teachers, administrators, and students?
Can I pay my music tutors through Clipboard?
What specific features does the Clipboard offer for organising and managing musical resources?
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The introduction of Clipboard in our Music Centre has significantly simplified lesson and rehearsal management, vastly improved communications to students and parents, and integrated seamlessly with our LMS (Schoolbox). Clipboard is intuitive and logical to use, and was adopted by our music staff quickly, and with a minimum amount of training and advice.

David Mowat

Head of Music

Huntingtower School

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Clipboard has transformed the operations of our music department, saving at least 50 hours of work each week and increasing the safety of students. With Clipboard, we can easily schedule lessons and rehearsals, stay on top of attendance, communicate with our staff and students, manage activity sign-ups and payments, process timesheets for our tutors, manage our instruments and assets, and much more.

Ari Farrar

Head of Music

Geelong Grammar School

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Clipboard made a huge difference not only from a technology services perspective but from the sports, music and extracurricular activities that we run. Particularly around the requirements for much more information about where the students are at any point in time in a school, which is legislatively more and more important.

Peter Yeates

Director of Technology Services

Somerville House