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Team & Group Management

Manage all Teams and Groups in one easy-to-use location

Quickly create Teams & Groups, drag-and-drop students, add positions and more.

All organised in one place

Filter by Activity, pull up past Groups and plan future ones. Add student positions within a Group (such as ‘Fullback’ in rugby or ‘Flute’ in orchestra), assign captains and track jersey numbers. Plus, see students who will be absent at an upcoming session and those with injuries or medical conditions.

Import or bulk update Groups in seconds with CSV upload.

Easily move students

Add or update your Groups with our seamless drag and drop functionality. For extra speed, try Power View which provides a filtered list of students on the left and your Groups on the right.

Detailed insights

On the Group’s page, the Attendance Summary table provides you with quick and easy visibility over all attendance records for a team throughout the season. You can also track how an individual team is performing by viewing their results summary.

Empower your Team & Group management

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