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Stay on top of extracurricular incidents

Increase child safety by providing an easy way to record incidents and keeping accurate records.

Capture accurate incident data

Staff can record incidents directly from their mobile phones. This means incidents are recorded on the spot and in the moment, making them more accurate.

As soon as an incident is recorded, all relevant stakeholders are immediately notified by email. This ensures everyone is kept up to date and necessary actions can be taken immediately. Clipboard also integrates with CompliSpace Assurance, immediately pushing back all incidents as soon as they're recorded.

Historical records

View all extracurricular incidents at your school in one place. Set return to play details, which show up for staff when marking attendance and ensure that students don’t participate in activities they haven’t been medically cleared for. You can also manage concussions, leave a trail of follow-up notes and export to Excel or PDF.

Tailor to your processes

Clipboard incident report templates are fully customisable, so you ensure that Clipboard matches your existing incident report forms. These templates can also differ between departments, so you can capture different information depending on the extracurricular area.

Clipboard also exports via CSV to ERM platforms such as CompliSpace Assurance, saving time double-handling data.

Increase child safety in your activities

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