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Personalised schedules and notifications for students, parents and staff

Clipboard is the home for all information about extracurricular activities, alleviating confusion about where to find key details.


Students and parents can view their personalised and up-to-date extracurricular schedule through Clipboard’s school-branded portal or via one of our integration partners. View sports fixtures and results, training sessions, rehearsals, music lessons and all other activities.

Plus, busy parents can sync their extracurricular schedule to their calendar app such as Google, Apple or Outlook.

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Receive instant and targeted push notifications for any changes (such as wet weather or a location update) through the Clipboard App or a custom school-branded app made by Digistorm.

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Communicate extracurricular schedules through one of our integration partners such as Schoolbox and the Digistorm app.

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Staff can see their schedule through Clipboard on any device and access details such as the training or lesson plan. They can also sync their schedule to their calendar app such as Google, Apple or Outlook so they never forget when they’re working.

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Clipboard sends automatic push-notifications and emails to staff as soon as their schedule changes or to remind them to perform key tasks like marking attendance or completing their timesheet.

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Sync to your personal calendar

Staff always know when they’re working with the ability to sync their Clipboard schedule in their personal calendar app such as Google, Apple or Outlook.

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Bulk Email

Easily bulk email specific Groups or entire programs. Send from within Clipboard or copy-paste into your email app.

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The introduction of Clipboard in our Music Centre has significantly simplified lesson and rehearsal management, vastly improved communications to students and parents, and integrated seamlessly with our LMS (Schoolbox). Clipboard is intuitive and logical to use, and was adopted by our music staff quickly, and with a minimum amount of training and advice.

David Mowat

Head of Music

Huntingtower School

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Previously, we'd have to manually enter data on a few different platforms to make sure that everyone received it. Now, it's one central system that pushes out push notifications or through the website, and everyone can see it immediately. So Clipboard certainly takes away that double handling, with fixturing and results, which has been a godsend.

Jonathan Harvey

Assistant Principal of Sport and Co-Curricular

St Augustine's College

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We have made some architectural changes in the backend. We've made sure that we've done the correct things in terms of having the information in TASS to then share with other platforms. By making sure that we adhere to communication rules to the way that TASS has those set up so that we can then share them with Clipboard, for example.

Peter Yeates

Director of Technology Services

Somerville House

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We used to get delayed emails from the school, whereas with Clipboard we can see notifications straight away in the sports section for the students, and add them to that list.

Dion King

Acting Director of Sport

Stuartholme School

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Clipboard saves us an enormous amount of time. The ease of access, improved communication to parents, the clean and clear interface, plus the support from Clipboard staff when you need it is fast and efficient. Clipboard gives you everything you need in one place, and coaching staff can access all the information they need on their phones.

Rob Cooper

Director of Sport

Lauriston Girls' School

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Providing as up-to-date information as possible to our school community helps families juggle the logistics of their busy lives.

Daniel Ganama

Head of Digital Learning & Innovation

Pembroke School

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