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Increase child safety by having an accurate record of where students are at all times

Staff can mark attendance from anywhere and on any device, with in-depth and accurate reporting.

Mobile roll marking

Staff can easily mark attendance wherever they are and on any device and are sent alerts to mark the roll so you can be confident that students are accounted for at all times. Clipboard shows student medical conditions, injuries and boarder status.

Attendance Flags can be customised, enabling your school to track students forgetting their gear or arriving late. If a student is marked absent, parents can be automatically alerted via email.

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Powerful reporting

Clipboard's Attendance page helps to uphold high duty of care standards by providing in-depth reporting on attendance and participation across all activities. Access all unexplained absences this term, the number of times a student has been absent or forget their gear, all rolls that haven’t been marked and much more.

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SIS integration

Clipboard integrates with your SIS so staff can be certain they have an up to date roll that highlights any absences and has updated medical information.

Depending on the SIS, Clipboard can write attendance data back to the SIS for record keeping.

Clipboard demo screen
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We have been able to help solve a lot of safety issues and problems just purely from having visibility of where the kids are and Clipboard’s role-taking ability.

Kristen Butcher

Co-Curricular Administration

St Augustine's College

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In my position, Clipboard allows me to work with our Heads of Houses and Heads of Form to have a real snapshot of boys' attendance. Make sure that we're holding the boys and parents accountable to their sons, coming and participating in their sports at training, on the weekends, in ensembles, or in drama and rehearsals.

Jonathan Harvey

Assistant Principal of Sport and Co-Curricular

St Augustine's College

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Clipboard has simplified the roll marking process, allowing casual staff easier access to the system and incorporating potential for parent communications regarding absences. Automated absence communications, schedule notifications and integration with existing student timetables have been a great benefit.

Will Eager

Director of Co-Curricular of Music

Somerville House

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In real-time, not only can I see that a student is present, I can pull up the location and see where they are. So Clipboard provides that real-time lens of where each boy is and who's actually with them.

Michael Blake


St Joseph's College Hunters Hill

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Clipboard gives me peace of mind as we always know where students are after school.

Nick Racina

Head of Sport

St Catherine’s School

Seamless attendance marking and reporting, anytime, anywhere

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