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Parent ID Passport (PIPS)

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Parent ID Passport (PIPS)

With PIPS, you can provide your parent community with simple access to any SAML capable solution where you have parent access requirements.

The system provides parents with capabilities to use their personal social accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn for example or connect via Google, Apple and Microsoft accounts. If all that is not enough Parents can create themselves an account on the solution using their personal email instead.

Key Benefits

  • Allow your parents to seamlessly sign in to Clipboard using SSO without needing to add them to your identity provider.
  • Parents can sign in using their social logins, such as Google and Facebook.
Our students are involved in so many activities outside of the classroom and with Clipboard and Schoolbox working together, this makes it much easier to communicate with students across all areas of their school life.

Lisa Thomson

Dean of Information Technologies

Somerset College

We are using Schoolbox as a one-stop-shop for our community to obtain information relevant to all aspects of the students’ life at school. As co-curricular activities are such a cornerstone of this, it is only logical to bring an easy and user-friendly integration of these activities under the same umbrella.

Daniel Ganama

Head of Digital Learning & Innovation

Pembroke School

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Parent ID Passport (PIPS)

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