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There should be no need to manually keep data up to date across multiple systems, so Clipboard is able to seamlessly integrate with Veracross to regularly sync your school's information.

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Clipboard is able to seamlessly integrate with Vercaross to regularly sync information such as:

  • Students
  • Guardians and their contact details
  • Absences (so rolls are able to indicate all important information to staff)

A Direct API Sync is used to seamlessly integrate Clipboard with Veracross. Clipboard can also sync customised data from Veracross using this API.

Key Benefits

  • Set up is easy and only takes a few minutes
  • The Veracross sync is fully customisable, so you sync the data you want at the times you want
  • Automatically update the student data in Clipboard when Veracross is updated
  • Makes it simple to roll Clipboard out across all student activities at your school

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