Clipboard launches e-learning platform: Clipboard Academy 

September 5, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Clipboard Academy, our latest innovation designed to enhance your school’s Clipboard experience. Clipboard’s mission is simple, to assist schools with streamlined extracurricular management for students, parents and staff. To anchor a smooth transition between departments, introduction of new modules and features, and training internal and external staff, we've taken a leap forward to simplify your onboarding journey with us.

The Goal:

At its core, Clipboard Academy is not just another feature—it’s a purpose-built online learning platform hosted within the Clipboard app. We've tailored the succinct video content for all user types in schools ranging from K-12, ensuring that every user gets the training required to get the most out of Clipboard. With the ever-evolving landscape of education and technology, we understand the importance of equipping our schools with the knowledge needed to use Clipboard as effectively as possible. And that's where Clipboard Academy comes into play.

What to Expect:

  • Tailored Content: Depending on your role, be it an Admin or a regular user, the Academy has on-demand content curated just for you. This ensures that everyone, regardless of their function, receives the relevant training they need.
  • Continual Innovation: As with all things Clipboard, we'll be constantly evolving. With the release of new features and modules, so will the resources within Clipboard Academy. Our aim is to make this platform the ideal crash course, no matter your level of tech savviness. 
  • Training for All: Whether you’re looking to train internal staff or onboard external coaches, the Academy provides a comprehensive suite of resources. And the best part? It's all presented in an intuitive, user-friendly format designed specifically for online learning.

What’s Next:

The launch of Clipboard Academy is only the beginning. We're committed to continual improvement and expansion, and look forward to hearing what our customers have to say about the academy. Stay tuned for regular updates, new modules, and even more tailored content to ensure you get the most out of Clipboard.

For all our existing Clipboard customers, your next level of mastery is just a login away. Boost your skills in managing great activities with Clipboard Academy today! 

Ed Colyer
Head of Product

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