Clipboard for your Music Management Program

January 3, 2024

Clipboard is an extracurricular management system (EMS), designed to manage every single activity beyond the classroom for students. In fact, Clipboard schools run more than 200 different types of activities. Clipboard’s vision is to empower everyone to thrive through activities. In the world of music, it serves as an invaluable tool for music administrators, external music tutors, music teachers, heads of music departments, and directors of co-curricular programs. Let's explore how Clipboard brings harmony to your school’s music department.

  • Instrument and Sheet Music Management: Store, manage and track the movement of all physical and digital assets and resources in a single, user-friendly location. For example, check the status of instruments, music books and AV equipment to see whether they are available or currently on loan.
  • Rental Tracking: Rent out individual resources to Students or Staff, and easily process returns. Track who has a resource at any given time as well as the issue date, status, and rental cost. Speed up your processes with mobile barcode scanning, to manage resources on the go.
  • Maintenance Tracking: Effortlessly create and monitor maintenance tasks for resources in your inventory. As Clipboard is designed for people on the go, you can create an inventory maintenance log from your mobile, on your way to your next music lesson.
  • Generate Invoices: Generate invoices for specific rental and maintenance events which will be sent to Guardians and/or Parents in the Clipboard Portal. Parents will also receive email communications for invoices to be paid regarding instruments being hired, as well as any instrument repair costs. 
  • Attendance Tracking: Easily mark student attendance for music classes/lessons, rehearsals, ensembles and choirs from any device. Customise attendance flags to identify students forgetting their instruments or arriving late to their tuition lesson. Automatic parent alerts can be set-up for absent students.

  • Tutor Timesheet Management: Create, submit, review, and approve timesheets from anywhere. Timesheets linked to the schedule prevent errors in logging hours for music sessions for external music tutors, making it convenient for music administrators. 
  • Enrolment Management: Streamline auditions, tuition and ensemble enrolments, instrument hire details, and activity selection. Set eligibility criteria, manage waitlists, and offer secure payment processing through Clipboard.

  • Student Management and Lesson Planning: Effortlessly schedule and manage multiple students, from multiple departments, on a single platform. Avoid session clashes and conflicts with built-in clash detection.

  • Communication: Send push notifications to school, parents, and students. Keep everyone updated on rehearsals, music lessons, and concerts through a school-branded portal.
  • A Single Place: Gain visibility across all music programs, from choirs to orchestras, and efficiently allocate resources. All extracurricular activities live in Clipboard, allowing you to filter by specific departments, such as Music, for easy organisation and updates.

In addition to these features, Clipboard enables you to keep accurate, up-to-date records, generate reports and invoices, mark rolls, and simplify billing and communication for all parties involved. Clipboard enables your school to manage your assets and budget effectively, by managing your resources, equipment and instruments. Its adaptability makes it a powerful asset to add to your school management softwares that resonates across the diverse spectrum of extracurricular in K-12 schools worldwide.

So, why wait? Connect with us to unlock the full potential of your school's activities.

Ed Colyer
Chief Executive Officer

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