Clipboard launches new Vision, Mission and Values

July 4, 2023

At Clipboard we are excited to share our new vision, mission, and values with you. We are on a mission to empower individuals worldwide to thrive through activities, and we believe that our genuine passion for the transformative power of extracurricular programs sets us apart. 

🌍 Vision: Empowering everyone to thrive through activities

Clipboard was founded with the belief that everyone worldwide stands to benefit from (extracurricular) activities. Our genuine belief in the power of activities to help people achieve their full potential is fundamental to everything we do at Clipboard. We think that activities teach important lessons, have a significant impact on both physical and mental wellbeing, and give access to life-changing experiences and opportunities that help individuals thrive. Clipboard exists to facilitate this.

🎯 Mission: Building the ultimate tool for managing extracurricular programs

The most impactful way we can work towards our vision is by building the ultimate tool for managing extracurricular programs. Building the “ultimate” tool means building a tool that is able to help schools save time, save (and even make) money, reduce their risk, improve communication with their community, and - most importantly - deliver better outcomes to students. That is the Clipboard EMS.

💡 Values:

1️⃣ Put the customer first: Clipboard wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for our customers and the problems they face in managing and delivering extracurricular activities. Keeping our customers front-of-mind is crucial to helping us build the ultimate tool for managing extracurricular activities, and gets us closer to our vision of empowering everyone to thrive through activities.

2️⃣ Understand the why: When we do things at Clipboard, we always make sure that we understand the “why” behind what we’re doing. This first-principles thinking helps foster innovation and it helps us work with purpose.

3️⃣ Move quickly and decisively: As a startup, our number one advantage is our ability to be lean, move quickly, and make fast decisions. By moving quickly and decisively, we’re able to deliver more value to our customers in a shorter amount of time. We experiment, test things, and learn quickly from our mistakes.

4️⃣ We're one team: We’re a team - and a single team at that. We’re all about sports and activities at Clipboard, and we take inspiration from the team culture that many of our customers seek to instil in their students. We foster open communication and transparency between everyone, and work together towards one unified goal.

Ed Colyer
Chief Executive Officer

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