Simplify Financial Operations with Clipboard Timesheets

May 10, 2024

There are countless challenges with managing extracurricular activities without a dedicated EMS (Extracurricular Management System). As an IT Administrator, your challenge revolves around tedious paperwork and manual data entry for paying external coaches, tutors and staff in an accurate and simple way. With Clipboard Timesheets you can create, submit, review, and approve timesheets from any device, at any time, and from anywhere. Whether you're in the classroom, on the stage, field, or on the go, managing timesheets has never been easier.

What are Clipboard Timesheets?

Clipboard Timesheets revolutionise the way schools manage payroll for extracurricular activities. Linked to the Clipboard Schedule, Timesheets ensure accuracy by automatically flagging hours logged outside scheduled sessions, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your timesheets are always accurate. This feature alone has saved schools up to $100k per annum by preventing staff from overstating their hours.

“Clipboard's digital timesheets saves us north of $50,000 a year!”

Cameron Anderson, Head of Sport, Barker College

Who are Clipboard Timesheets designed for?

Designed with schools in mind, Clipboard Timesheets cater to administrators and finance teams who seek accurate payment processing and transparent timesheet submissions. With its mobile-first design, Clipboard Timesheets is designed for coaches, tutors, and casuals who are constantly on the go. By simplifying the Timesheet submission process, we alleviate the burden on external staff, allowing them to focus on managing multiple activities, sessions, teams, and groups without added stress. 

Financial Automation 

With automation at it's core, Clipboard saves you valuable time each week, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your job. Customise cost codes for each department and activity, and assign pay grades per staff member. This level of customisation ensures precise payroll processing through automatic calculations without the hassle of manual input. Additionally, our intuitive approval flow empowers managers to review and sign off on timesheets with confidence, ensuring seamless workflow management.

“Prior to Clipboard, I personally had to work through paper timesheets and review them all which would take me about 6 hours per pay cycle, but now they all appear in Clipboard where I can review and sign off timesheets at the click of a button!”

Martin Haywood, Head of Sport, Knox Grammar School

Ensure Payroll Accuracy

Set up customisable export formats to streamline data transfer, to systems such as Micropay, Synergetic, TASS, or CSV exports, eliminating the need for manual input and reducing the risk of errors. Clipboard can automatically calculate pay rates, overtime, allowances, penalty rates, classifications and cost codes in line with the Educational Services (Schools) General Staff Award (ESSGSA) and multi-enterprise agreements. This means you can eradicate overpaying of staff and errors in payroll calculations. 

Getting Started with Clipboard Timesheets

Ready to unlock the full potential of Clipboard Timesheets? Book in with our School Success team to get started.

Lara Varrica
Marketing Manager

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