Crafting an Exceptional School Experience for Parents

August 1, 2023

Let's face it, being a parent or guardian these days is no easy task. With a hectic modern lifestyle, juggling responsibilities while keeping up with the kids' ever-changing extracurricular activities, it's no wonder parents are looking for a school that truly stands out. As educators, creating a positive and engaging school experience for parents is crucial to ensure they have nothing but praise for your school. So, let's explore some handy communication strategies that will leave a lasting impact on parents, students and staff and make your school do just that - stand out!

Simplifying Communication: A Stress-Reliever for Busy Parents

We all know that parents are constantly bombarded with countless emails and messages. In this sea of information, important school updates often get lost. But fear not! By implementing a well-designed communications plan, you can lighten the load for parents and keep them informed without any fuss. A centralised communication platform, like the Digistorm App, is a game-changer for both schools and families. By consolidating all communication channels into one place, parents know exactly where to find the answers they need, and school teams can send highly targeted communications that can be edited at any time.

Real-Time Updates: Keeping Everyone in the Loop

A lot happens during a school week, and parents want to be in the know. Implementing push notifications in your communication platform ensures your community receives real-time updates right on their mobile devices. Whether it's a last-minute event change or an emergency alert, push notifications keep everyone engaged and informed, regardless of their busy schedules. It's the key to building a supportive and well-informed school community.

“Families are coming to the table with high digital expectations. They get instant notifications for bank transactions, grocery deliveries and so many other mini moments in their day, so they expect the same from their school. By meeting and exceeding these expectations, schools have the opportunity to come across as technology-forward and community-driven. This—along with the regular selling points of your school—creates an engaged community of parents who are more likely to become raving fans.”  Jennifer Latorre, Professional Services Manager at Digistorm. 

Personalisation: The Key to Connecting with Parents

Nothing beats personalised communication, which goes beyond just using someone's first name in an email. By leveraging data integration from various systems like the School Information System (SIS), Learning Management System (LMS), and Extracurricular Management System (EMS), you can tailor messages to individual recipients. Clipboard's scheduling capabilities include detecting clashes with sessions, students, teams, groups, locations, and even public holidays. This personal touch enhances parent engagement, fostering a sense of connection and care for each student's unique needs.

Integrating Internal Systems: The Backbone


To truly excel, a school must have seamless internal systems in place. A unified School Information System (SIS) can streamline processes such as enrolment, grading, and attendance, ensuring data consistency and overall efficiency. 


Connecting the SIS with a Learning Management System (LMS) creates a cohesive online learning environment for students while saving valuable time for teachers. By integrating these systems, you can simplify tasks like class enrolment, assignment submission, and grading. This seamless collaboration reduces redundancy, saves valuable time for educators, and offers students a cohesive online learning environment to stay on the right track.


Connecting with an Extracurricular Management System (EMS) such as Clipboard demonstrates your genuine interest in families beyond the traditional classroom setting. An EMS brings numerous advantages, including improved child safety and enhanced communication. With personalised schedules and notifications, students, parents, and staff can stay informed and engaged in extracurricular activities.

User-Friendly Portals: Navigating with Ease

In a world of multiple platforms and logins, having user-friendly parent and student portals is a must. By developing easy-to-navigate portals that reflect your school's brand, you ensure parents can access information, track progress, and communicate with teachers with ease. Transparent grade tracking and performance reports empower parents and students to actively participate in the educational journey.

Embrace the Digital Age: Streamline Administrative Tasks

Let’s bid farewell to piles of paperwork! Simplify administrative tasks by offering online forms and permission slips—particularly during enrolment, when first impressions count, by implementing a CRM like Digistorm’s Funnel! This digital transformation makes it convenient for parents to submit forms, make payments, and update contact information while giving teachers and administrators more time to focus on what truly matters: educating the next generation.

In the pursuit of an exceptional parent experience, adopting efficient communication methods, integrating internal processes, and providing user-friendly interfaces, educational institutions can elevate the overall experience for both parents and students. 

Digistorm and Clipboard are committed to helping schools create meaningful educational journeys, where engagement and collaboration flourish. 

So, why wait? Connect with us to unlock the full potential of your school's activities.

Ed Colyer
Chief Executive Officer

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