Feature Announcement: Student + Parent Calendar

August 13, 2020

We’ve just released the Clipboard Portal Calendar, an easy-to-use, powerful and personalised extracurricular calendar for parents and students.

It’s the eternal challenge of extracurricular activities - keeping students and parents in the loop with where they’re playing sport, when their music lesson is and what time to arrive at the carnival on the weekend. It’s hard to keep thousands of parents and students in the loop with the extracurricular calendar.

All kinds of solutions to this challenge exist out there, but they're not without their own problems, such as:

  1. Sport may communicate the schedule completely differently to music or performing arts. This essentially results in multiple places to go for the extracurricular calendar.
  2. Spreadsheets, PDFs and paper notices. These are cumbersome to update, result in people having outdated copies of the calendar and mean parents and students have to search through a majority of irrelevant information to them to find what matters.
  3. Systems which weren’t purpose-built for extracurricular are used, resulting in a clunky experience for staff, students and parents.

As a result, these solutions can sometimes end up creating even more headaches for parents and students! That's why we've created the Clipboard Portal Calendar.

Introducing the Clipboard Portal Calendar

Clipboard now offers a calendar for students and parents which shows the whole spectrum of extracurricular activities in one place. The Calendar is personalised to the student so they don’t have to search through irrelevant activities, teams and groups. This leads to more accurate calendars as well as students and parents always being kept in the loop.

The Calendar shows lots of helpful information, such as:

✅ Date and time of sessions

✅ Location of the event

✅ Google Map

✅ Which students or teams are involved

✅ The staff involved

✅ Cancellations and byes

✅ Results and scores

✅ Any additional information, notes or description


The Calendar works very smoothly on mobile and is a real-time source of information. When the Clipboard Schedule changes, the Calendar is automatically updated. This means it is absolutely no extra effort on top of your other extracurricular scheduling.

Also, as a parent or student, you can sync your Clipboard Calendar with your favourite calendar app! Now Apple, Google, Outlook and other calendars can all display your personalised extracurricular schedule.

Getting Started

The Clipboard Portal Calendar is just another part of our efforts to make extracurricular communication with parents and students easier for schools and a significantly improved experience for parents. Expect to see more from us in this space over the coming year!

Want to improve how your school communicates extracurricular activities with parents and students? Book a time to chat with our team at this link.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to improve the extracurricular experience for students and parents, you might want to check out these resources:

🔗 Student & Parent Calendar

🔗 Clipboard + Digistorm mobile app

Ed Colyer
Head of Product

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