How Clipboard Empowers Working Parents

February 9, 2024

In the fast-paced world of working parents, balancing career demands and family commitments can be a juggling act. This blog delves into the experiences of a Clipboard school parent, and her insights into the evolving landscape of her daughter's co-curricular journey from primary school to year 12. Shedding light on the ways in which Clipboard has streamlined the selection of co-curricular activities and provided support for working parents.

The impact of Activity Selection for Working Parents

Simplifying the Mental Load 

A school’s well-organised co-curricular program, facilitated by Clipboard, becomes a crucial support system for parents. On-campus options also spares working parents the logistical challenges of picking up kids and driving them to external activities.

“Schools that simplify co-curricular activities make life easier for working parents. A school with a seamless co-curricular program and on-campus options before and after school  is a blessing, you're essentially buying the ability to skip peak hour drop-off and pick-ups, and work a normal work day, beyond the limited school hours of 9-3pm. From personal experience, the real value isn't just the kids being active and engaged in activities they love; it's the convenience of on-campus options, saving us working parents the guilt of sticking kids in generic after-school care, and the headache of driving kids all over the place for co-curricular activities.”

Proactive Approach to Activity Sign-Up

The ease of activity sign-ups is just one less thing working parents need to stress about. Clipboard’s clarity on available spaces for each activity fosters a proactive approach, allowing parents to secure spots for their children without the hassle of traditional phone calls or manual inquiries for waitlist options.

“Clipboard significantly eases and simplifies the sign-up process. Whether it's securing a spot in jazz with only 10 spaces left or locking in the last available spot for ballet, the ease of accessing such information is invaluable. In the past, this could have involved numerous phone calls, uncertain waitlists, and potentially, missed opportunities. As a working parent, having this information at the click of a button is a game-changer. Over the years, I've learned to time my sign-ups precisely when the co-curricular email opens, swiftly logging in, reserving spots, and, if necessary, adjusting later. It's a lifesaver, especially when you're juggling work, living costs, and making sure your kid doesn't miss out on the fun stuff. It's a shared responsibility for working parents and Clipboard becomes a go-to solution, alleviating the mental load associated with missed opportunities and enabling quick, joint decisions for parents.”

Reducing Administrative Burden on Coaches

Transparency about fees and activity schedules becomes a key feature, enabling parents to make informed decisions swiftly. The parent recognises the reduction of administrative burdens on coaches, from the app's ability to allow parents to enrol their children directly into activities. 

“It's straightforward about the fees, and I appreciate that. You know exactly what you're paying for, and you get a clear view of the activity schedules. That's what I love about the system. Even now, looking back and exploring other categories, it's evident – here are all the options this one's full, that one has three spaces left, these are the options on a, say, Tuesday when I know I have to work late It's a self-sustaining system; because it's user-friendly, it's a win-win. By reducing the admin load on coaches, the school can expand offerings - it's a cycle that keeps benefiting everyone.”

Social Impact on students in a Safe Environment

The parent underscores the importance of co-curriculars in providing children with social time in a safe environment. With a myriad of activities on offer by the private girls school, from Saturday sports to dancing, robotics, gymnastics, and craft-making, the parent further highlights the influence of school friends on activity selections. 

“It's all about providing kids with social time in a safe environment. I remember putting my daughter in robotics – she wasn't a fan, but she had a good friend in it. So, she had a blast with her buddy, even if robotics wasn't her thing. I try not to overthink the educational aspects of co-curriculars. For me, it's more about the experience. And Clipboard plays a vital role in that.”

Parents may not realise that Clipboard is the driving force behind the management of a school's co-curricular activities. This is because they can effortlessly access their child's co-curricular data through a school-branded portal, using their existing login credentials. Clipboard is designed to empower schools in seamlessly managing activities without seeking credit for its role. Its primary focus is on supporting the school's efforts to provide enriching experiences for students.

“Since the time the school introduced Clipboard, I didn’t realise it was an external software, because it worked seamlessly with my parent login and matched the school’s branding / colours etc. I remember thinking ‘Hallelujah, the school has made this activity sign up system more user-friendly!’ I was really impressed and grateful to the school for making it so much easier.”

The interview concludes by contrasting the cumbersome nature of the previous system with the streamlined efficiency brought about by Clipboard. The ease of use benefits both parents and the school staff, making the co-curricular experience more enjoyable and manageable for all involved. By implementing Clipboard, the private girls school has not only enhanced the experience for parents but has also created an environment where students can thrive in their extracurricular pursuits.

Lara Varrica
Marketing Manager

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