How Clipboard enhances wellbeing for K-12 students

November 15, 2023

Last month, Clipboard proudly emerged as a finalist in the prestigious GESS Dubai Education Awards 2023, competing in the category of ‘Best Product to Promote Wellbeing’. Offering a robust platform that elevates the management of extracurricular activities in schools, Clipboard places a paramount focus on child safety, streamlining processes, and enhancing the overall experience for students, staff, and parents. Undoubtedly, Clipboard's diverse range of extracurricular activities plays a pivotal role in promoting both physical and mental wellbeing among students. These activities not only encourage physical movement but also foster a sense of belonging and community whilst providing avenues for personal growth and achievement.

Promoting Physical and Mental Wellbeing:

During critical periods of isolation during and following the pandemic, extracurricular activities became vital in addressing mental health needs by creating connections and alleviating feelings of loneliness (O'Donnell et al. 2020). Following an interview with Billie Fisher, an advocate for extracurricular activities in Year 11, she highlights the positive impact these activities have on emotional resilience, stress relief, and the development of essential life skills. She mentions how engaging in enjoyable extracurricular releases endorphins, contributing to positive mental wellbeing and maintaining a healthy balance. This aligns with research supporting the positive effects of creative outlets and personal growth activities on overall mental wellbeing in young adolescents by Oberle et al. (2019).

Participation in these activities cultivates essential skills for students' future success, including time management, collaboration, and effective communication. These skills, in turn, contribute not only to academic performance but also to character development and social skills.

Addressing Educational Institutions' Needs:

Clipboard goes beyond the promotion of student wellbeing; it effectively addresses the specific needs of educational institutions. By streamlining safeguarding, improving administrative efficiency, and seamlessly integrating with existing systems, and enhancing communication among parents, students, and staff.

Clipboard goes a step further by identifying students' needs and facilitating proactive intervention through push notifications, incident reporting and identifying schedule clashes in sessions. Its seamless integration with Student Information Systems (SIS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS) significantly reducing administrative burdens and eliminates duplicate data entry, ensuring a cohesive ecosystem for all involved.

Exceptional Customer Care and Service:

Clipboard actively understands the unique needs of each educational institution, providing comprehensive training and support to ensure schools can optimally leverage its features. A dedicated customer support and success team is readily available to address queries and issues promptly, ensuring efficient problem resolution. Notably, Clipboard continuously refines its offerings based on feedback, providing tailored solutions to meet evolving demands in the education sector, boasting an impressive satisfaction rate of 92.8%.

Response to Pandemic Challenges:

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Clipboard demonstrated its adaptability and commitment to student wellbeing by introducing a virtual alternative module called Activity Selection. This innovative module connects students and parents, enabling participation in virtual extracurricular activities and fostering a sense of normalcy and social connection.

Clipboard's impact on physical and mental wellbeing, coupled with its dedication to customer care, positions it as a valuable tool for educational institutions. It goes beyond merely managing activities; it contributes to student development both in and out of the classroom, promoting a sense of community, fostering personal growth, and instilling essential skills for success. The platform's unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and its adaptability to pandemic challenges solidify its role as an invaluable partner in the education sector.

So, why wait? Connect with us to unlock the full potential of your school's activities.

Lara Varrica
Marketing Manager

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