Key Challenges in Extracurricular Management in Australian Schools

August 29, 2023

Extracurricular activities are an essential part of many students' educational experiences, providing opportunities to develop skills and pursue interests outside of the classroom. However, managing extracurricular activities can be a challenging task, and there are several key issues facing extracurricular activity management in Australia today.

  1. Issue 1: Child Safety

One of the most critical issues with extracurricular activity management is child safety. Whether it's sports teams or outdoor adventure programs, extracurricular activities can involve physical risk, and it is essential to have appropriate safety measures and risk management strategies in place to protect students. However, not all schools and organisations have robust risk management policies or the resources to implement them effectively, leading to concerns about the safety of children participating in these activities.

  1. Issue 2: Communication with parents

Each school and organisation may have policies and procedures for managing extracurricular activities, which can lead to confusion and inconsistency. This lack of standardisation can make it challenging for parents, students and staff to navigate extracurricular opportunities, including not knowing to find information about available activities or how to get involved. 

  1. Issue 3: Administrative Burden

Lastly, there is the administrative burden of managing extracurricular activities, including tasks such as paper rolls, roster management, and communication with parents and students. These tasks can be time-consuming and require significant manual labour, taking valuable time away from other important aspects of managing extracurricular activities and other role duties.

Solution: Clipboard Extracurricular Management System

To address these issues, Clipboard offers a comprehensive Extracurricular Management System that streamlines communication, simplifies administration, and enhances child safety. This is applicable for school sports management, music management, activities & clubs management, and tours and trips! 

Clipboard's all-in-one platform provides a centralised hub for all extracurricular activities, with features such as team and group management, real-time communication and push notifications, incident reporting, automated scheduling, an online portal for activity selection, and paperless forms and waivers. With Clipboard, schools and organisations can ensure that all students have access to high-quality extracurricular opportunities that are managed effectively, efficiently, and safely. Clipboard's streamlined platform also makes it easier for parents and students to stay up-to-date on available activities and to sign up and participate in activities with ease. 

To find out why leading schools are using Clipboard, read our case studies. 

For a personalised demo of Clipboard, please click here. 

Sam Clarke
Co-founder / Head of Sales & Marketing

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