Schedule Music and Other Individual Lessons in Clipboard

October 19, 2020

You can now manage music lessons and other individual tuition in Clipboard.

Extracurricular is a lot more than just team or group-based activities. It also includes activities like music tuition, tennis lessons, chess lessons and 1-on-1 sport training.

This means it’s absolutely crucial that the system you use for managing your extracurricular program is able to facilitate activities that aren’t group-based, like music tuition. This development is part of our focus on making Clipboard applicable to all activities as a school’s Extracurricular Management System.

Benefits of Scheduling Individual Activities in Clipboard

We’ve recently released the ability to schedule individual students onto sessions within Clipboard, providing a whole range of benefits that solve big problems in running these individual student-based activities.

Single Place for All Extracurricular

Clipboard is an Extracurricular Management System (EMS), meaning it helps schools run their entire extracurricular program. When all individual activities, like music tuition, are scheduled in Clipboard, you get the benefit of your EMS showing the whole picture of what a student does beyond the classroom in their schedule, as well as their participation history for school reports.

An example of a student’s schedule in Clipboard.

Easier to Meet Duty of Care Obligations

Scheduling individual tuition in Clipboard makes it extremely easy to mark rolls, view attendance insights, and pull the reports that you need. Staff are also held accountable to mark the roll with SMS and email reminders, and - if this fails - admin staff can see rolls that haven’t been marked.

Clipboard also makes it easy to report on incidents and leave feedback on how students did in certain sessions.

Often the alternative is that a school uses a siloed Google Sheets solution for individual lessons and tuition, or they try to adopt another system which simply wasn’t built for this purpose.

Effortless Communication with Students and Parents

When individual lessons and tuition are scheduled in Clipboard, communication with students and parents becomes significantly easier, and more centralised. 

Via our partnership with Digistorm, push notifications can be automatically sent to students and parents if a lesson changes time, location or is cancelled. The built-in Clipboard Portal, and Schoolbox, also provide a personalised calendar for students and parents, showing the details of all of their music lessons, sport training sessions, games and more.

A push notification automatically triggered when a student’s piano lesson time changes.

Getting Started

If you’re a Clipboard school, you already have access to the ability to schedule extracurricular tuition and lessons. Feel free to reach out to your School Success Manager if you have any questions.

Otherwise, if you’re interested in learning more about how Clipboard can improve your extracurricular experience for staff, students and parents with features like this, please book a demo and our team will be in touch.

So, why wait? Connect with us to unlock the full potential of your school.

Ed Colyer
Chief Executive Officer

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