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Clipboard Compete

School Sport Lives Here

Clipboard Compete is the ultimate competition management platform for school sports associations,  streamlining fixture management and eliminating double-handling.

Challenges Faced by Associations

Double handling

Organising fixtures often leads to lots of back-and-forth emails and calls between schools and the association.

Inaccurate information

The association and schools often have outdated copies of fixtures, which leads to upset parents, students and coaches when inaccurate information is published.

Time wastage

Hours of tedious manual work are spent creating fixtures, resolving score discrepancies between schools, and calculating the ladders using different formulas for each sport.

Features to enhance your association

Generate & Manage Fixtures

Clipboard Compete automatically generates your fixtures, taking into account parameters such as marquee matches, exclusions for non-available dates like school holidays, equal home and away games, and even seeding to ensure top seeds meet in the final.

Once published, fixtures are automatically integrated into the Clipboard accounts of member schools.

Share Fixtures, Results and Ladders

With a custom-branded, user-friendly website to share fixtures, results and ladders, everyone in your community always has accurate competition information. Designed to be mobile-first, the website can be conveniently added to iOS and Android home screens for quick access like a native app.

Leveraging Clipboard’s extensive communication capabilities and partner integrations (e.g. Schoolbox and Digistorm App), all fixtures published by the association can be communicated directly by schools to their own communities.

All Parties are Always up to Date

With Fixtures Inbox in Clipboard for schools, sports administrators can review changes made to their fixtures by the competing school or the association and can decline, edit, or accept updates. Schools are also alerted whenever their copy of a fixture is different to that of their competing school or the association, allowing them to bring it up to date with one click.

Receive Scores and Resolve Discrepancies

School sports coaches can enter match results through the Clipboard mobile app, which automatically get fed back to the association and the other school. Clipboard sends push-notifications and emails to coaches who don’t record their scores, ensuring that this information is quickly available on the association's website post-game.

Additionally, Clipboard flags discrepancies in the results reported by different schools for the same fixture and provides an easy resolution mechanism to agree upon the final score.

Support for all Kinds of Competitions

Clipboard Compete supports all kinds of competition formats, from round-robins to knock-out tournaments. Within round-robin formats, teams can be organised into pools, where the top team from each pool progresses to the finals.

"Knockout View" visually represents the progression of teams through knockout or finals series, making it easy for associations and community members to track a tournament's progress. The app also allows for extensive customisation of ladders for different grade or sports, including the ability to alter the formula that calculates team positioning.

Receive Team-Nominations

Within the Clipboard EMS, schools can nominate teams to participate in particular Grades for their various sports and activities, which are then accessible to associations through Clipboard Compete.

Associations can manage these nominations by moving teams between Grades, assigning them to Pools within a Grade, or removing them as needed.

Everyone's Connected


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Clipboard can save up to 140 hours a week between all the different sports. Which is obviously a huge number and a huge amount of admin, and it’s theoretically a few people working full time just on role marking and team selection.

Cameron Hart

Head of Sport

St Joseph's College Hunters Hill

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Clipboard saves us an enormous amount of time. The ease of access, improved communication to parents, the clean and clear interface, plus the support from Clipboard staff when you need it is fast and efficient. Clipboard gives you everything you need in one place, and coaching staff can access all the information they need on their phones.

Rob Cooper

Director of Sport

Lauriston Girls' School

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In terms of student wellbeing, we know how important risk management is, and that's where Clipboard really helps us as a school, helps the staff, and ultimately helps the students to be safer in being involved in sport.

Nick Racina

Head of Sport

St Catherine’s School

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Prior to implementing Clipboard, sports personnel were often found on the sidelines updating spreadsheets with information. Now, all this is seamlessly done through one platform, fundamentally changing how internal staff communicate information and the speed at which it happens. We weren't expecting students to love the app and the system as much as they do. It's been quite remarkable; students really use the platform.

Susan Ali

Director of Communications

St Aloysius' College

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We've got a better sporting program and better results because of Clipboard. It saves us time, and gives our coaches and staff more time to work with students and develop their knowledge and skills because they're not wasting time on admin.

Martin Haywood

Head of Sport

Pymble Ladies' College